Buying and selling of goods as well as services is a routine activity of every profit-oriented company. This is why in every business entity there must exist section of marketing dealing with the market analysis. This section mainly identifies taste and preferences of customers and the product that is on high demand among consumers. For instance, a business firm will produce more of goods on high demand and reduce production of goods having a declining demand among consumers. An evident example is a fashion and design cloth manufacturing company. They would produce cloths in accordance to the newest fashion on demand. This is mainly to save the company from running into enormous losses emanating from high production cost.

The entire process of identifying the states as well as preferences of customers is known as market analysis. It uses principles such as demand, wants and needs in knowing whether to produce more or reduce the production levels. Thus, the act of buying and selling of goods and services depends on wants, needs and demand of customers. See this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzfrxTbdDyQ.

 Need is a principle of marketing as it affects almost every person in life. The fundamental human requirements like shelter, food, clothing and water tends to have a constant demand in the market. This is because they are essentials for survival of human beings. However, social class has currently influenced the market of essential goods in the sense people buy clothes, food and shelter depending on class.  For instance, type of clothing that an affluent family requires is different from the type of clothing a poor person would buy in the market.

Need as a principle of Bright Orange Thread marketing mainly depends on the Maslow hierarchy of needs where people are motivated to achieve a specific level in social class that others cannot attain. For instance, the basic physical and security needs are a necessity for every person whether rich or poor. However, psychological and self-fulfillment needs is not a necessity in life because somebody can still survive without them.

Therefore, production of goods depends on the needs of people in many circumstances. For instance, high social class in the society will tend to access some of the luxuries and expensive lifestyle. Preference part of web copywriting aids a business entity in selling its product. Consider a situation where expensive products are sold in an environment where most people are in the lower or middle class earning scale. Obviously, no sale will be realized in such a scenario because of inappropriate market analysis. Therefore, selling of goods and services in an appropriate environment with targeted class of people is an essential in improving the sales of a business entity.